The first episode of STOCK FOOTAGE features the exceptional talents of sound artist & composer Dialect - the longstanding project of Liverpool-based artist Andrew PM Hunt.

Hunt has been busy meticulously gathering organic and synthesised textures to create some of the most wondrous collages; ASMR-intimate vocals trigger and intertwine with piano, strings and bass. Dialect's cross-pollination of acoustic and synthetic ensembles with human voice grows into a joyous ecosystem of delicate sound and intimate, unexpected melodies.

After last year's Land Trance album Andrew PM Hunt steps it up yet again with a new album under his Dialect project header for the now legendary NYC avant-garde label RVNG Intl.


Dialect worked with Lighting Designer Venya Krutikov, to devise a way to create live visuals from the music itself. Using the MIDI data from the live performance, the generated visuals were then projected back onto a thin screen in front of Andrew.

Krutikov explains:
"Dialect produces a lot of data in his set, which I wanted to build into the control of live video parameters. A combination of MIDI notes and OSC streams meant we ended up building a custom generative dreamlike video synthesiser in TouchDesigner for the visual world and used MadMapper to create different framings that we could swiftly jump between in sync with key changes in the set.

Halfway in the show Dialect uses a custom IMU device ( a series of sensors that can measure direction, acceleration and force of movement ) I built a little system that could take this real time data and use it for controlling the led pixels at the rear of the stage. Creating a perfectly synchronised visualisation of his movements."

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Curator & Presenter: Joel C Murray
Director/Camera/Editor/Grade: Tommy Husband
Camera: Caroline Smith
Live Sound Recordist & Sound Mix: Rory Ballantyne
Lighting Design: Venya Krutikov
Stock Footage Artwork: Hannah Bitowski

Lee Isserow + Vessel Studios
Ben Dempsey Sawin

We’re very grateful to the Cultural Recovery Fund distributed by Arts Council England for making this project possible, also to the Music Venues Trust for their support throughout the uncertainty of the last 18 months or so. We’d also like to thank our partners MAGIC ROCK BREWING for their support of the series, Open Culture, Uncover Liverpool & Bido Lito! for their promotional assistance.